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We are happy to bring to you, wetalktravels.com social media online magazine. Our prime objective is to bring visitors from all over the world to the website to display, like, share and comments about their experience good or bad, including the hospitality or in-hospitality that they experienced in the country that they visited in their travels with all the latest happenings, security, opportunities, shopping and accommodations that exist there.

Our objective is to encourage folks who do a lot of traveling to share their experience so as to give others who are thinking of visiting a country where ever it may be, to have a premeditated idea of the things that they might experience and things that are possible in that country.

They will bring the inner secrets and happenings of those countries to your living room through our social media magazine from their own travel experiences.

The Social Travel Guide Magazine will accept advertisements from major hotels and gift shops, travel agencies, airlines, cruise ships, health food stores, restaurants, tourist boards and by other businesses that are related to the tourism industry.

Our subscribers will be able to post their photos and videos, like, share and comment as with any social media website

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So many on-explainable things are happening these days, 
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Whatever the case is we hope that communicating with other who have been there will help you make better decisions and can shed some light on your future travels.

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