The Masai Tribe Kenya Africa

The Masai  are a tribe, estimated at about 880 000 people living in Kenya Southern and Tanzania Northern. They speak Maa , which is an Eastern Nilotic language , although many of them are able to express themselves correctly in Swahili and English . Most of the Maasai maintain their traditional religion, although in recent years some have converted to Christianity. 3

Before colonization they were dedicated to predation. Currently, they are nomadic herders of bovids , sheep and goats, around which their economic wealth revolves.

They live in settlements called “zamoras”, circles of huts made of branches and surrounded by straw to surround the herd. Its cultural life is full of celebrations, which begin with the birth. The Maasai divide the age groups into childhood, minor warrior (moran), elder warrior, minor adult, and senior adult. Each generation of men constitutes a group that passes successively through each degree of age. After circumcision, boys become lesser men and warriors. Formerly, to become an adult, they had to pass a test that consisted of hunting a lion. Today the tradition has been lost because lions are considered a protected species.

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